A special workshop for

.. Aesthetically interested dentists & dental technicians with a limited time budget.

This entertaining workshop series is maximally practice-oriented. Withthe helpof live patients, step by step the versatile possibilities, aesthetic complexity and functional needs are precisely and precisely combined.


Experience the real treatment in practice and in the laboratory:

In the workshop, you will learn how to achieve highly predictable treatment results with extreme sophistication and new strategic means.

Vision. Planning. Implementation.


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What do I learn for my own daily practice?

Dr. Aktas teaches you


• First-hand expertise on the interplay of functional and aesthetic aspects



• Step-by-step protocols for efficient implementation in clinical reality



• Special features of the wax-up for efficient optimization of the preparation



• Finesse provisionals and its use for the analysis of aesthetics, phonetics and function, as well as clear communication of the desired result to the laboratory



• highly predictable and highlypredictable of aesthetic and implantological treatments


Dr. Yasin Aktas, M.Sc.

Your host and lecturer

Dr. Aktas, M.Sc. Implantology/Oral Surgery, Master of Aesthetics (NYU)

Join Dr. Yasin Aktas’ surgical team by participating in a real-life treatment in practice.


Take advantage of the opportunity to look over the expert’s shoulder. You will experience the routines and expand your skills.


The course gives you an insight into how the entire surgical team works together to provide patients with the highest standard of treatment while working in a time-efficient manner.


Launched by

Dr. Yasin Aktas, M.Sc.


Alexandra Melner


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